Why Cargo?

Have you noticed the strange ‘Wheelbarrow bikes’  all over Cambridge city,they’re everywhere! No wonder we’re being called a Cargo city.

Ever wondered what its like to try one? Perhaps you’ve wondered how they differ from the usual two wheeled bicycle?

Cb1Precious cargo is all about bikes ~ Cargos, inclusive cycling, tips on how to get your kid to cycle. safety tips and where you can go once you’ve mastered the beast.

Why me? I’m not a super fit, marathon running guru. I was the kind of child who got banned from biking, on the grounds that I’d probably just zoom out into London traffic.  (Yup,they were right) So I learned to ride when I was a little older. 24.

Sometimes, I’m frightened by traffic so I choose to cycle through parks and on quiet backstreets. My point is that cycling is for everyone – kids,busy parents, people with additional needs,people who find #cyclingeasierthanwalking. People who cannot be trusted to learn when they are six.

Where can I go?

You can can get away from traffic on our world class network of cycle routes, have you tried the DNA pathway yet? see @cb1preciouscargo on twitter for how to get there.

You can bike directly to the heart of the city for work or to take the tourist route and see Hogwarts,sorry Cambridge universities.

You can park your bike safely and use bike lockers and hire a pushchair.

Cargo bikes are a big investment

Have you seen the price of parking in Cambridge? Add the cheeky latte and the delicious lunch you bought and you’re half way to being able to afford one!

Ok- they are an investment but as everyone knows, bikes are often the only vehicles moving on our congested roads. You can take the kids to school via parks and green spaces. You can fill your Cargo bike with shopping, your laptop, a dog, someone else’s dog and still get home before the bus.

It’s good for you and the environment

You know it already:  it’s free exercise in the fresh air, it reduces air pollution, it’s safe for children, it saves money and…


When I take my Cargo bike to nursery,people smile and they stop and ask me about the bike. My daughter likes to travel in comfort with a blanket and a teddy. So I was inspired to write a blog all about where you can go and what you can do.

There’s some unashamed persuasion to live sustainably and reminder that cycling is for all of our community.

Cargocitymum @Cb1preciouscargo – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

I want to persuade you to try a Cargo, we’re a really friendly bunch, ask a Cargo cyclist what it’s like and how they use it. They might let you have a go!






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