How green is your garden (centre)?

Scotsdale’s garden centre,Shelford

Last week I visited my local garden centre to speak to staff about recycling. Actually,no I didn’t I went to Scotsdale’s to buy plants,entertain my toddler and eat cake in the Sunflower cafe, but I got lucky and a few members of staff were kind enough to talk to me about staying green.

What can a garden centre do to encourage recycling / green initiatives?


Well here’s one way:  gardener’s club for primary school aged children. The garden club hold small themes, such as making a bird box and help children to understand how to encourage wildlife into the garden. School parties also use this to find out about growing plants & caring for creepy crawlies.  Of course, they also sell a huge selection of seeds and nuts and bird boxes. Good deal cheaper than most properties round here!

Sunflower cafe


Best part of the morning : ) delicious cakes, friendly staff and they sell @teapigs which are plastic free. Although, my principals tend to waver when faced with tea & cake, so I was going to have tea, plastic or not. This cafe recycles coffee grounds and all of its cardboard. However, these are not the reasons why I like this cafe. There is something unique about the Sunflower cafe in terms of it’s inclusivity and service. People are genuinely welcomed here, irrespective of age or ability. There is space for wheelchair users and staff regularly carry trays to tables, which is fantastic, if you have small children or need assistance. The staff make huge accomodation to welcome people and encourage people with learning disability or additional needs to be included. Also they sell great cake, did I mention that?

What do they do with all that cardboard?


All of their cardboard is offered to visitors to take home and reuse or it is crushed and recycled. You can help yourself to boxes at the till point or ask a member of staff. I think they have a difficulty in that they must sell plants in good condition and they come in black plastic pots which can’t be recycled. I’m sure Soctsdale’s will choose recyclable ones when /if they become available. They do not sell peat based compost.


Not entirely. But look at what a garden centre does- it gets us city types growing food and flowers. It sells books to teach us how to grow some greenery and gives us expert advice on how to keep them alive long enough to look at or eat. I’m filling my house with houseplants again because I can’t really afford a designer interior- I mean because they are beautiful. And cheap. It’s an inclusive community with friendly,expert staff. They allowed my own wildlife in the shape of CargoCity2 to have a great day out and we left with bird food,plants and cake. Yay!