Gwydir St Hive,Cambridge

A fantastic place to buy a gift

I like all things green and plastic free, I’m attempting to cut down on the new and shiny. I’ve been won over by Tara Button’s ‘Buy me Once’ campaign. So how about making this Antique & Vintage shop the first place you go to buy a gift?


 Quality pre-loved clothes

The Hive has a lots of tiny departments inside, all of which are intriguing and worth exploring. i loved the clothes section which I incorrectly thought was vintage it’s not it’s top brands, excellently curated pre loved clothes. They are good quality and chosen with care. which is exactly what the antique market is all about.

I don’t think that these clothes were likely to end up in landfill, but did you know that 235m items of clothing are likely to end up in landfill this season?                                      Not per year, per season. That’s a grim statistic!  How about looking at the quality clothes on offer at The Hive and buying once but buying well?  If you follow @thehive on twitter you can see the clothes & prices on offer.



Vintage fabrics: reclaim the love

This is one of the reinvented Vintage lamps @GwydirStHive:  The fabric is vintage from the mid century:  1950s through to 1970s, it would make a perfect gift for a new home. Everything at The Hive and Cambridge antiques look new and cared for. There are up cycled furniture to be had, glassware and jewellery. It’s a fun place to browse for a treasure.


This is why its not a second hand store:

I was fascinated by the items on sale at The hive, the people running the store were kind and helpful, they took time to talk to me about the differences I could see around me. The lovely things aren’t new, they’re not charity store and they’re not quite second hand either they look fresh and modern. Why?

Because they have been carefully selected by auction or though sale and they have been repaired and refurbished.

An expert antique dealer can spot items which have value and can restore them for resale,so that a much loved item can continue to be used for many more years. IMG_0283

Invest in the future recycle the past

Gwydir St Hive is a wonderful place to visit for a gift or a browse. It’s easy to find at the point where Gwydir St meets the Mill Road. it’s opposite the old Bath houses and right next door to Hot Numbers for a coffee. The people running the shops are experts at finding and collecting ask them to tell you about the goodies they sell.

Give a vintage item a new home, buy once and buy well. Let’s stop being a throwaway society.